About the Team

Matt Poarch
San Antonio March Founder
Sara Beasley
Fundraising and Logistics Coordinator
AJ Carnall
AJ graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. He is passionate about the issue of climate change and renewable energy sources.
Peter Bella
A cool dude that digs the simple things in life.
Felisha Novan
A San Antonio native and graduate of UTSA, Felisha is a civil engineer passionate about STEM education. She helps with small civic community projects geared toward advancing society to live in the environmental friendly cities of the future.
Grace Barnett
Publicity and Outreach
Sarah Alice
Fundraising and Logistics
Alex Mora
Fundraising and Outreach
Krystal Henagan
Krystal received a B.S. from Texas Tech University, focusing her research around children’s health. Her passion about environmental health issues has lead her to become the Texas Field Consultant for Moms Clean Air Force.
She's spearheaded the San Antonio Air and Health Collaborative, as well as the San Antonio Climate Action Coalition.
Katie Benson
Volunteering and Logistics
Julian Chavez
Fundraising and Logistics