The Day of the March



There is parking at San Pedro Springs Park near the San Pedro Playhouse. We are working on securing additional parking in the area.


The march itself will be along the streets, sidewalks, and parking lots in the immediate area, and is less than two miles total. That said, please do not overexerte yourself. The science showcase and featured speakers will take place in the park, specific location TBD. Our goal is for this march to be as accessible as safely possible.


The march route would begin at Jefferson High School, 723 Donaldson Ave, San Antonio, TX 78201 and proceed south on Wilson Avenue, then east on W. Woodlawn Avenue, then south on S. Josephine Tobin Dr. to Woodlawn Lake Park, 1103 Cincinnati Ave, San Antonio, TX 78201. The march route would turn around and retrace the path north on Wilson Avenue to Jefferson High School. One-way on foot, this route is about 1.3 miles long, according to Google maps:

Science Showcase

Apply to be a scientist in our Science Showcase! Calling scientists of all ages. Would you like to share your passion for science with others? Talk about your research or favorite invertebrate? Network, mix, and mingle with other science fans and professionals of all ages (or stand akwardly by your poster, that's totally cool, too). We are accepting applications for a poster showcase, open to all local aspiring and professional scientists of all ages. There is a limited number of spaces available.


This march has created a very diverse coalition of individuals. The energy will be super high, please be respectful to others as well as to our San Antonio streets.
  1. 8:30am
    Setup Begins
    Our committee members and volunteers will be arriving at this time.
  2. 9:00am
    Partner Arrival and Setup
    You may drive up and enter the parking lot off of Ashby near San Pedro Playhouse. Pass the tennis courts and drop off in the circle near the purple tent.
  3. 9:30am
    All Vehicles Cleared
    Please park in the Temple Beth-El parking lot or San Antonio College Parking Lot #2, unless you have a disabled parking placard, or are unable to walk long distances. If you need to park closer, you may park in the San Pedro Park parking lot.
  4. 10:00am
    March Registration & Showcase Begins
    We will begin checking in marchers at 10:00am.
  5. 10:30am
    Official Welcome and Remarks
    We will officially welcome the marchers at 10:30am on the steps of the San Pedro Playhouse. Our Chairs will speak, as well as our guest speaker, Dr. Kelly Lyons.
  6. 10:45am
    March Begins
    After the remarks, a few of the chairs will lead the march through the park, towards Dewey Pl.
  7. 12:00pm
    March Last Heat
    This will conclude the march as the final marchers are wrapping up. Rally and Showcase will begin.
  8. 12:30pm
    Rally and Final Speakers
  9. 2:00pm
    Event Conclusion and Clean Up
  10. 2:15pm
    Vehicle Pickup
    Vehicles will be allowed for pickup.
  11. 3:00pm
    Park Cleared
    The park needs to be cleared out.