March For Science San Antonio

March for Science - San Antonio 2019:
Focus On Climate Change
We, as humanity as a whole, have greatly influenced nature and don't have the right to deny responsibility. And that is why it is important to realize various projects, asking for help from, as well as the experience of various countries, because we must concentrate our efforts on the restoration of natural resources. 2018 has seen a steady flow of scientific assessments, according to which climate change has become a critical issue. Here in San Antonio, our city leaders have signed a resolution in support of the Paris Agreement followed by an ongoing effort to effect our own carbon plan on the municipal level. Given the gravity of the impacts anticipated, March for Science - San Antonio has dedicated our efforts in 2019 to the support of the City of San Antonio's Climate Action & Adaptation Plan (CAAP) as it goes to City Council for consideration in May 2019.
The March in 2019 is slated for April 6th. We will meet at the downtown campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio and march to the steps of the City Chambers in Main Plaza. We'll rally with speakers and activities in front of the City Chambers to demonstrate clearly our support for the CAAP before marching back to UTSA downtown. Please continue to return to this website as we plug in details regarding the April 6th March for Science in San Antonio! The route:

March Day Details
"We march to highlight, celebrate, and protect scientific research and education in San Antonio and beyond."
Let's make a change, together, for science!